X17 Cover - Single Unit + ElastiXs

X17 Cover - Single Unit + ElastiXs

If you prefer to customize your personal organizer piece by piece, you can start here.

1. Choose your format (A4+, A5+ Landscape, A5, A6 or A7).
2. Decide if you need 1, 2, 3 or 4 inlays.
3. Choose the best material for you (Leather, regenerated leather, plastic, balacron).
4. Choose your calendar (daily, weekly, monthly).
5. Choose the inlays you need for notes.
6. Decide if you need more inlays (addresses for example).
7. Choose bookmarks.
8. Decide if you need a double-pocket.
9. Choose a penloop and a pen.

You have so many choices: There are over alternatives.

We have the following covers:
1. strong, vegetable tanned leather from Belgium
2. finest italian leather in discreet glossy colors
3. regenerated leather, coated - produced in Germany
4. regenerated leather, uncoated - produced in Italy
5. HardSkin, polypropylen

All the leather and regenareted leather cover are produced in our factory in Saarbrücken - Germany.

Please note: Not all the covers have the possibility to hold 1, 2, 3 or 4 inlays.

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